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Posted at 04/22/2012 1:40 PM | Updated as of 04/23/2012 7:02 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Residents of Barangay Pasig in Lambunao, Iloilo were startled when they found 17 dead chickens owned by pastor Vincent Franciso early Saturday morning.

Some residents suspect the attack was done by an evil spirit (aswang) because the dead chickens had their blood sucked and no internal organs were left.

Even barangay captain Rogelio Lebero believes it was done by an "aswang" because of the finger prints found in the kitchen near the place where the chickens were killed.

“Hindi ko masasabing hayop ang gumawa dahil hindi kaya ito ng hayop. Tao ang gumawa nito na sinaniban ng masamang espiritu," he said.
"I can't say that this is done by an animal because animals can't do something like this. A person that is possessed by an evil spirit did this," he said
What made the suspicions stronger was when the same "evil spirit" allegedly lunged towards 20-year-old Jeffrey Divino around 3 a.m. on the same day while he was on his way to the field.

“Mataas at malaki. May mga bilog-bilog sa mukha at may kahabang kadena," Divino said.
“Tall and huge. There are circles on the face and it has a long chain," Divino said.
Francisco, however, refuses to believe that a supernatural creature has done such a thing.

“Naniniwala akong tao ang gumawa na kontrolado siguro ng droga o ano mang bagay. Hindi ako naniniwalang aswang," he said.
“I believe that a person controlled by drugs or anything similar did this. I don't believe it's an aswang," he said.
This was the first time that such attack happened in Barangay Pasig that is why some residents cannot help but be worried.

Local government officials are planning to heighten the security in the area especially at night to capture who’s behind this incident. 


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