On this day of the souls and the dead (All Souls' Day), let’s join Jay in a unique trip into the world of mystery.

Last month, an unusual incident engulfs Baranggay Balubad in Bulacan, Bulacan. Consecutive deaths of domesticated ducks, pigs and goats were reported. The people are concerned on the way these animals were killed.

The chests of the animals are cut and the entrails are missing; they were killed in the same way. According to the town folks, it is a big puzzle on who or what kind of creature is responsible for these killings.

Just before the animals were killed, some residents allegedly witnessed a huge and fierce creature that seemed like a dog. Others heard a terrible howl. Some believed that the gross decapitations of their domesticated animals were the doings of aswang! Aswang, which takes the form of a large and ferocious dog. Aside from the aswang, there had been rumors that a cult is behind the incident.

Jay went to Baranggay Balubad to investigate on the mysterious animal killings. He interviewed the residents who owned the animals. He also joined the Baranngay Tanod (village guards) in their watch during the night which lasted until dawn. He was also joined by Dr. Nielsen Donato from the TV program “Born to be Wild,” to capture the creature responsible.

Will Jay come face to face with the aswang which planted fear in the hearts and minds of the residents of Baranggay Balubad? Is the aswang real or just a fruit of our imagination?

On All Souls’ Day, 2nd of November, 2012, Jay will give clarification on the mystery engulfing Baranggay Balubad. Don’t miss the “Motorcycle Diaries Holloween Special” this Friday, 8PM at GMA News TV Channel 11.

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3/20/2016 17:15:18

Thank you for your informative post. I didn’t know about the book but it seems interesting and I’ll search for it :)


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