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MANILA, Philippines – Real life couple Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay and their friends had an unusual vacation in Palawan where they claimed to have encountered anengkanto or forest spirit.

In an interview with “Showbiz News Ngayon,” the sultry actress revealed that her group has been disturbed by weird dreams shortly after their romantic leisure trip in Palawan.

"'Yong mga panaginip namin lahat, ang wi-weird. Tapos parang lahat ng malungkot na puwedeng mangyari sa akin, napapanaginipan ko. Gabi-gabi ‘yon, iba't ibang gabi, iba’t ibang panaginip," said Panganiban.


"All of our dreams were weird. And all sad things that can happen to me, are also in my dreams. That happened every night, different nights, different dreams," said Panganiban.
The sexy actress also narrated her weirdest dream during the interview.

She recalled: "Hanggang sa noong last night para akong nasa isang paradise. Ganoon na ‘yong dating ng panaginip ko. Parang binabangungot na ako na parang may kumakausap sa akin na sinasabi niya sa akin na maganda nga daw ‘yong place na 'yon. Tapos may mga nagkakantahan doon sa place na ‘yon. Tapos parang magical 'yong vision ko doon sa dream."

She recalled:"From the last night, it's like I'm in paradise. That's how my dreams look like. It's like I'm having a bangungot (nighmare) and that someone is telling me that the place is very beautiful. They are singing. And it's like the vision in my dream is so magical."
Panganiban then recounted her dreams to a person who told her that an engkanto had fallen in love with her.

In a separate interview, Ramsay affirmed the incident. He also denied reports that Panganiban only made up the story as part of her publicity gimmick to promote her upcoming horror film, “Bulong.”

"Ang sabi ni Angel ay na-engkanto raw kami kasi lahat kami doon had the same dreams. Nagustuhan yata si Angel. Gusto yatang dalhin si Angel sa kingdom nila kaya galit daw sa amin. She spoke with somebody sa taping so in-explain,” said Ramsay.

Angel said, we were played by engkantos because all of us there had the same dreams. They might have taken a liking  to Angel. They might want to take away Angel to their kingdom that's why they are angry with us. She spoke with somebody while taping." said Ramsay.
Meantime, when asked if she is still willing to go back to Palawan despite their experience, Panganiban replied: "Yes. Parehas kaming sinasabi ni Derek na sobra kaming na-in love sa lugar, pati ‘yong family niya.”


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