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"Ginang na napagkamalang aswang sa Iloilo, tumakas dahil sa banta ng kanyang mga kapitbahay"

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By Jucell Marie P. Cuyos
Cebu Daily News, Inquirer, May 25, 2011

The killer sat behind bars in the Tabuelan municipal jail and said he didn’t regret killing his 6-year-old niece and acting like a cannibal.

Efren Matedios, 29, who was arrested at home yesterday, said he was only “helping” the little girl by stopping her from changing into a “manananggal,” a winged figure in Filipino folklore who is half-human and half-monster.

Elestrio hacked and disembowel Lara Mae Concodes last Monday night.

Prior to the crime, he wanted to sleep beside his niece but his mother objected prompting him to maul her.

She escaped and sought for help but when she arrived with some of the roving tanods, she saw him eating a portion of her granddaughter’s internal organ.

They saw Lara’s naked body lying on the floor while her internal organs were placed in a plate and drizzled with salt.

Matedios was naked when police tracked him down in his house in barangay Villahermosa, about 12 kilometers from the town proper.

The death of 6-year-old Lara Mae Concodes, who was stabbed, stripped naked and her internal organs removed and eaten by her uncle on Monday, has horrified the rural town in north Cebu.

Police brought the uncle to a hospital, where doctors will try to find out whether the act of cannibalism is a sign of mental derangement.

“A good man with no vices,” was how some neighbors and relatives described Matedios.

Barangay captain Marian Donasco told Cebu Daily News that they were shocked by the crime because Matedios was a doting uncle.

“He really loved his niece. Until now we are shocked about what happened. We can’t believe Efren did it,” she said.

Matedios told Cebu Daily News he put salt in the girl’s internal organs to kill her immediately because he saw on television once that this was how to kill a “mananaggal.”

He denied he was on drugs or a member of a demonic cult.

The man told police he used a broken jalousie blade to disembowel the girl and ignored her cries.

He said he left the blade under a rock in a cave, but police went to the site, going as deep as 25 feet, without finding it.

The victim’s mother Elizabeth, 28, said that she thinks her only brother is unbalanced and dangerous, but can’t abandon him.

“Wala man ko pinalabi pero pinangga man pud gud ko sa akong manoy,” she said.

And nobody else will help him, she told CDN outside the jail.

Elizabeth brought him flood and clothes but kept her distance.

“I’m afraid he might do something,” she said but said she pitied him.

Elizabeth said that after Monday’s brutal killing she wanted her brother killed but realized later she’s the only family member who can help him.

She said she would leave the fight for justice up to law enforcers and God.

Elizabeth separated from her husband, Lito, a few years ago.

She lived with her grandmother, Pablita and Efren together with her second son, Kent Gabriel, 8. Another 10-year-old son stays with the father in Camotes Island.

Lito was at the funeral wake yesterday.

SPO3 Christopher Sanchez, deputy chief of Tabuelan police station said a murder charge would be filed today.

He said police found one witness who can testify that the uncle ate the little girl’s internal organs.

Lara Mae will be buried at 2 p.m. Today in Tabuelan.

Witness says Matedios was cursed by a witch in their neighborhood

May 27, 2011
from Candeze R. Mongaya, Jucell Marie P. Cuyos

Barangay Villahermosa councilor Paz Agsoy told Cebu Daily News that neighbors are scared after Efren, whom they described as “a good man with no vices,” admitted he killed and ate the liver of his niece.

Agsoy said that after Lara Mae’s death, a black bat was seen flying over the barangay. Efren was heard telling the bat, “I know who you are. You are the owner of the caimito that I ate.”

Agsoy said that neighbors believe the mayhem began when when Matedios and some neighbors went to fix a tomb a few weeks ago.
On their way to the graveyard they passed by a house whose owner was a reputed witch.

Efren and the others bought some starapple fruit from the lady for a small amount, but Efren happened to step on an orchid, angering the old lady of the house.

Agsoy, recalling Efren’s account, said the lady exclaimed: “Don’t step on that, my boy. You have paid me too little for what you ate.”

Agsoy said old folks in the town proper said that if a human is recruited to become an “ungo” they are required to eat a human being or else be struck by disease.

Neighbors believe Efren was recruited to become an “ungo,” she said.

“Our elders said that the ungo tends to recruit people who are good or don’t like to say bad words,” she said.

Prior to the arrest of Efren, Agsoy said they heard a bang on the roof as if a chicken fell but saw Efren a few moments later naked and with scratches all over his body.

Cebu Daily News, Inquirer
Broadcast journalist Atom Araullo investigates the series of unfortunate events in the life of a “Virginia” allegedly caused by “kulam” this Friday (Jan 11) in “Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga.”

According to “Virginia,” a family feud ensued over a family inheritance that eventually led to events that hurt her and her child and even cost the lives of some of her loved ones.

It started with a seemingly coincidental dog attack on her child, which was soon followed by more bizarre occurrences like a three-month long fever, the sudden loss of hair of her child, a peso-size hole in her mother’s throat that led to her death, and even the passing away of the “manggagamot” who helped her.

She thought of escaping the curse by leaving the province but it did not help because the curse followed her and the protections or “agimat” she used were soon broken and stolen.

Is there an end to her misfortune, or would the “kulam” bring her to the grave?


By Cathy Yamsuan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
12:36 am | Monday, October 31st, 2011

The teenage boy had not eaten for days yet four grown men and his own mother could hardly subdue him as he reacted violently to the presence of Fr. Armand Tangi of the Society of St. Paul.

“He had menacing eyes, was screaming words I could not understand, and it seemed that he would spew vomit on me anytime. I was just waiting for it to happen,” the priest said, recalling a familiar scene in the movie “The Exorcist.”

The boy and his family live in a bucolic Central Luzon community, in a compound with a ladies’ accessories factory and residences of its owner and his workers. A clear brook runs through the leafy estate.

It was an idyllic place until strange sightings of a “white lady” were reported, the boy exhibited a bizarre behavior and the factory owner’s niece suddenly fell ill and became practically paralyzed.

The strange happenings, manifestations of so-called “elementals,” or nature spirits, gravitating in rivers and trees, prompted the businessman to call a psychic, who said the area used to be a Japanese garrison where beheadings occurred during World War II.

“I was told by the businessman that the psychic heard constant screams of terror. And that he also felt that there was also a lot of tension and chaos,” Tangi said.

Admitting he could not deal with the spirits, the psychic advised the businessman to call an exorcist-priest.

It was midmorning when the Makati-based Tangi arrived at the compound in early September. He was immediately taken to a kiosk to see the boy.

“He looked like a normal boy, of medium built and about 5’8” in height. But he looked at me in a very intimidating way. I was actually scared of him,” Tangi said.

The priest was convinced it was a case of demonic possession and decided to say Mass at the kiosk.
                                                     Boy goes wild

Every now and then, the boy would mutter something incomprehensible but was generally subdued. But when Tangi raised the host during the Consecration, the boy went bananas, threw off those holding him, screamed at the priest, and spewed vomit.

“It gives me goose bumps just to remember what happened,” Tangi said.

After the Mass, the priest approached the boy and recited deliverance prayers, especially those addressed to St. Michael, the archangel who defeated Lucifer, and St. Gabriel, the Prince of the Heavenly Army tasked with leading angels in the final battle against evil spirits.

Tangi could not perform an exorcism because it requires permission from the bishop. Also, an exorcist priest and his prayer warriors, or assistants, would have to fast and recite special prayers for protection before they can face the possessed.

After Tangi and the locals prayed over the boy, the priest sprinkled holy water on him and anointed the boy with blessed oil.

“At that time, I felt it was not a really strong demon. After the anointing, the boy already smiled and began eating. I just hope that he would not have a relapse because when that happens, the retaliating demon usually becomes stronger,” Tangi noted.
                             Mummy in bed

Later, the priest was led to the businessman’s ailing niece. She was in crutches in a small, windowless room. He was shocked to see what he thought was a man wrapped in black bandage “like a mummy” lying on her bed.

“His neck was bent backward but his eyes were wide open and staring at me,” the priest recalled. “I looked back at my companions and apparently, they did not see it because they were not reacting,” Tangi said. He turned to the bed and the vision was gone.

“The room was very dark, there were absolutely no openings. And it felt very eerie just being there,” the priest said. Workers complain they feel “something unusual” whenever they are near the girl’s quarters.

Fr. Jose Francisco Syquia, in his book “Exorcism: Encounters with the Paranormal and the Occult,” notes that evil spirits prefer “areas which are smelly and dirty like toilets, garbage areas, and the like.”

Syquia, director of the Office of Exorcism of the Archdiocese of Manila, says dark rooms without blessed objects like that occupied by the girl attract sinister forces.

                                       Snake in the trees

Tangi recalled the niece’s room was in total disarray. “There was stuff everywhere, it was so chaotic. She said that when she came in at night, she was always too tired to pick anything up,” the priest noted.

The businessman told Tangi that his niece used to be healthy, but she suddenly suffered a series of illnesses that doctors could not explain and that left her practically paralyzed.

Tangi suspects that someone else was staying in the room and whoever it was might have caused her disability. After blessing the room, he told the niece to clean up, put more lights and paint the place white.

The priest also visited the teenager’s house in an area that was well-isolated from other factory residences and that was encircled by old trees.

Old-timers claim a giant snake lives nearby but they do not dare kill it, believing “it is the real owner of the property.” The residents fear that the snake’s spirit might haunt them if they kill it.

Tangi did not see any giant snake in the boy’s house.

“But it was unusually hot inside. And as I was sprinkling holy water and my companions were reciting Marian prayers, I heard hissing sounds. It was hard to tell where they were coming from,” he said.

                                      Spirits could strike again

Tangi said residents told him they had “eerie feelings” whenever they walk around the property. One old man told the priest that he normally saw a “lady in white” at night in the area.

The priest also stopped at the house of the businessman. He thought there were no evil spirits there. “It was airy because there were lots of windows.  It was well-lighted,” the priest remembered.

While Tangi had not heard again from the owner, he remained concerned.

“There are lots of trees in the property and there is also a brook where the residents catch fish from. It may be possible that elementals or nature spirits living in the trees or the water were responsible for the manifestations,” he said.

The priest fears these spirits can strike again.

Posted at 01/25/2011 1:25 PM | Updated as of 01/25/2011 1:42 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Real life couple Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay and their friends had an unusual vacation in Palawan where they claimed to have encountered anengkanto or forest spirit.

In an interview with “Showbiz News Ngayon,” the sultry actress revealed that her group has been disturbed by weird dreams shortly after their romantic leisure trip in Palawan.

"'Yong mga panaginip namin lahat, ang wi-weird. Tapos parang lahat ng malungkot na puwedeng mangyari sa akin, napapanaginipan ko. Gabi-gabi ‘yon, iba't ibang gabi, iba’t ibang panaginip," said Panganiban.


"All of our dreams were weird. And all sad things that can happen to me, are also in my dreams. That happened every night, different nights, different dreams," said Panganiban.
The sexy actress also narrated her weirdest dream during the interview.

She recalled: "Hanggang sa noong last night para akong nasa isang paradise. Ganoon na ‘yong dating ng panaginip ko. Parang binabangungot na ako na parang may kumakausap sa akin na sinasabi niya sa akin na maganda nga daw ‘yong place na 'yon. Tapos may mga nagkakantahan doon sa place na ‘yon. Tapos parang magical 'yong vision ko doon sa dream."

She recalled:"From the last night, it's like I'm in paradise. That's how my dreams look like. It's like I'm having a bangungot (nighmare) and that someone is telling me that the place is very beautiful. They are singing. And it's like the vision in my dream is so magical."
Panganiban then recounted her dreams to a person who told her that an engkanto had fallen in love with her.

In a separate interview, Ramsay affirmed the incident. He also denied reports that Panganiban only made up the story as part of her publicity gimmick to promote her upcoming horror film, “Bulong.”

"Ang sabi ni Angel ay na-engkanto raw kami kasi lahat kami doon had the same dreams. Nagustuhan yata si Angel. Gusto yatang dalhin si Angel sa kingdom nila kaya galit daw sa amin. She spoke with somebody sa taping so in-explain,” said Ramsay.

Angel said, we were played by engkantos because all of us there had the same dreams. They might have taken a liking  to Angel. They might want to take away Angel to their kingdom that's why they are angry with us. She spoke with somebody while taping." said Ramsay.
Meantime, when asked if she is still willing to go back to Palawan despite their experience, Panganiban replied: "Yes. Parehas kaming sinasabi ni Derek na sobra kaming na-in love sa lugar, pati ‘yong family niya.”


Note: Translations are made by the blog owner. The original article doesn't contain them.

Part 1 - Ang Babae sa Poso Negro

Part 2: Multo sa Dormitoryo

Part 3: Pamilya ni Mira

Part 4: Sanib!

Part 5: Kinidnap ng Kapre!

Part 6: X-men sa Hukuman

Magandang Gabi Bayan - ABS CBN
MANILA, Philippines - A severed head, a white lady, dwarves and other otherworldly creatures. These are just some of the paranormal entities that allegedly haunt an  abandoned mansion in Binangonan, Rizal.

"White lady, dwende, tikbalang, may pugot na ulo pa nga," caretaker Joseph Despabiladeras said.
"White lady, dwarf, tikbalang, and even a headless body," caretaker Joseph Despabiladeras said.
 Other residents of Binangonan, Rizal claimed to have seen ghosts and spirits in the mansion, which was owned by a family from Mindoro and has been fully abandoned since 1987.
Jun Marcos said he once heard strange sounds coming from inside the house. He tried to follow the noise and traced it to a closed cabinet.
"Pagbukas ko ng cabinet, narinig ko sabi 'Huli ka!' Eh wala naman akong nakitang tao," Marcos said.
"When I opened the cabinet, I heard someone shouted "Got you!" But I didn''t see anyone." Marcos said.                                                                                          
Even his son, who claimed seeing a white lady in the area, told him, "'Tay, may mumu."
In an XXX episode Monday, DZMM host and psychic Stargazer, along with the Philippine Paranormal Investigators Society (PPIS), visited the mansion to confirm the residents’ claims that ghosts and spirits haunt the area.

The first in the country to use the latest gadgets in recording paranormal activities, the PPIS was consulted by XXX to help explain the spirits the residents are seeing.
With modern technology, PPIS said they are able to measure spirits’ energy and record their voices, which are not commonly seen and heard by the naked eyes and ears.
Jo Aguidan, technology manager of PPIS, introduced their modern and scientific gadgets: electromagnetic field detector or EMF spike meter, which measures the energy of paranormal entities; electronic voice phenomenon recorder, which records disembodied voices or white noise; motion sensor device, which detects actions of spirits; ultraviolet digital camera, which takes still photos of entities not seen by an ordinary camera; and an ordinary video camera in night vision mode for the group's actual documentation.
Upon arriving at the area, the group’s EMF spike meter immediately indicated that spirits were near.
Stargazer said, "Humawak na agad eh. Pugot na ulo na nakaitim," to which the caretaker's wife replied, "May nagbigti daw po kasi dito."
Stargazer said, "Something holding already. A headless body dressed in black," to which the caretaker's wife replied, "They say that someone committed suicide here by hanging."
Everytime Stargazer tried to call onto the ghosts and spirits, the EMF meter spiked, proving that paranormal entities were around and communicating.
PPIS and Stargazer also confirmed that a “dwende” or a dwarf-like creature was around and actually wanted to play with them.
The “dwende” even expressed fondness over one of the XXX staff and followed her wherever she went, Stargazer said.
PPIS was able to record white noises. which they said came from the “dwende.” They also took photos of many orbs in and around the mansion.
Aguidan said orbs or circular shades of light indicate the presence of spirits.  
The group even found in one photo an orb on the hand of the XXX staff being followed by the “dwende.”
They also saw in the photos a man with no head in white shirt and pants, and ghosts of a woman and a child.
Before leaving the mansion, Stargazer and PPIS uttered a prayer for the spirits and invoked light to help them.

“Wala naman tayong magagawa… Ipanalangin na lang natin sila,” Stargazer said.
"We can't do anything about it... We can only pray for them," Stargazer said.
Stargazer and PPIS said that while gadgets in the country are still not perfect, they still hope that someday they will be able to enter and better explain the paranormal world, which is commonly intertwined with the living world.

Watch the Video (please note that this is in Filipino)



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Posted at 11/29/2011 2:30 PM | Updated as of 11/29/2011 2:35 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A fashion show featuring the manananggal, a mythical creature known for being able to cut its own body in half, is the highlight of the launch of the newest novel of veteran writer Ricky Lee.

Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata was formally launched at the Skydome of SM North EDSA in Quezon City over the weekend.

The book tells the story of Amapola, a gay impersonator who became a manananggal.

He fell in love with hero Andres Bonifacio, who time-warped to the present time to inform the people that Amapola has been chosen to save the world.

Aside from the manananggal fashion show, the launch featured book reading sessions by celebrities Paulo Avelino, Cherry Pie Picache, Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, director Joel Lamangan and ABS-CBN president Charo Santos-Concio.

Lee said he is grateful to those who continuously patronize his creations.

"Marami [akong] kinatatakutan. Baka sumemplang, baka walang pumunta. Pero nung nagdatingan 'yung mga tao, pumila sa labas, interesado bumili ng libro [at] magbasa, napakasarap ng pakiramdam," he said.

Lee has written over a hundred produced film scripts since 1979. Most of his films have been shown in foreign film festivals such as Cannes, Toronto Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival.

He is also a fictionist, a journalist and a playwright. 

by Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News
Posted at 05/30/2011 4:43 PM | Updated as of 05/31/2011 11:15 AM
Kapre Tree
The balete tree in front of Malacañang’s State Entrance is said to be resided by a kapre named “Mr. Brown.” (Photo by: ABS-CBN News)

MANILA, Philippines - No less than the President of the Philippines, a United Nations official and ambassadors from the ASEAN nations witnessed the event: the declaration of a more than a century-old balete tree in Malacañang as a heritage tree.

And if the legend is to be believed, the tree’s long-time resident was there too to witness the unveiling of the marker: the kapre named “Mr. Brown.”

The balete tree is said to date as far back as the 1800s. It has been an imposing figure in front of the Palace state entrance where incoming and outgoing Presidents pass through. “Mr. Brown” is said to be living in the tree since the American occupation.

The balete tree was declared today as “Heritage Tree” under the DENR’s Heritage Tree Program. A commemorative marker was unveiled by President Aquino and Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

Under the DENR program, “heritage trees” will be accorded special care by volunteer individuals and groups.

The unveiling coincided with the launch of the United Nations on Biodiversity and International Year of Forests for Southeast Asia in a ceremony in Malacañang.

“This balete tree, which is more than a hundred years old, has been a mute witness to Philippine history. Now, as a fitting symbol of our commitment to the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, I hereby proclaim the balete tree located in front of this hallowed hall as our Heritage Tree,” President Aquino said in his speech. “In making it a Heritage Tree, it will constantly remind us of our obligations, both as citizens of this country and a stewards of this planet.”

The commemorative marker, meantime, has recognized the tree’s unseen resident.

“Considered a sacred tree by the Filipinos, the balete is believed to be the residence of supernatural beings,” the marker reads.

Malacañang’s Chief of Protocol Miguel Perez Rubio shares a story related to him by a gardener who had worked in the Palace since time of President Manuel Quezon.

“‘Why Mr. Brown?’ ‘Well because it was during the American times he decided to use the tree as his house so he settled there and he lives there. And they say, some people say, at night they see this kapre,” Rubio tells reporters in Malacañang.

“Mr. Brown” is said to be “a good man” who can be “mischievous” and play pranks on Palace officials and guests. But Rubio knows a way to appease the gentle giant.

“This kapre, as all kapres, is a giant, very very big. But he is a good man. But he is very mischievous. He doesn’t do bad things. But if you don’t say, ‘Good morning, Mr. Brown,’ if you don’t say, ‘Good evening, Mr. Brown,’ if you don’t say, ‘How are you, Mr. Brown?’—just a few words—he does a trick to you. Maybe you fall because there is a wire—maybe from TV or from something—and them you trip on it and you fall, something that doesn’t do much harm to you but he will make a trick because you did not say hello to him,” Rubio says.

Rubio first heard of Mr. Brown during his stint as protocol officer in the administration of President Cory Aquino.

President Aquino unveils the commemorative marker declaring
the balete tree in front of Malacanang’s state entrance as
heritage tree. Aquino is assisted by Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, United
Nations Assistant Secretary General and UN Convention on
Biological Diversity Executive Secretary, DENR Secretary
Ramon Paje, DFA Undersecretary Antonio Rodriguez and
ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) Executive Director
Rodrigo Fuentes. Witnessing the event are members of
diplomatic corps.
(Photo by Ryan Lim/ Malacañang Photo Bureau)
“Since that day, I confess, during the period of the administration of President Cory, now that I’m back again, every time I go from the Palace to the other place, I always say, ‘Good morning Mr. Brown.’ I become, at my age, very superstitious. So I said, ‘How are you Mr. Brown. So far I have been very lucky. Nothing bad has happened to me,” he says.

“I guess if I’m walking there, if you hear me say, ‘Hi, Mr. Brown,’ you [will] probably take a picture [and say], ‘Hey this man is a little bit tuktok (crazy) or very superstitious.’ But sometimes, it’s good to take precautions,” Rubio says.

As for the Palace’s present occupant, President Aquino says he has heard stories about “Mr. Brown” but has not experienced anything eerie or untoward.
“Ako naman ay wala pang natatanaw na Mr. Brown, Mr. Black, o Mr. White dito,” Aquino tells reporters, adding there is also a balete tree in the Aquino residence on Times Street.

A backgrounder says, the balete tree “has survived 18 Spanish governors-general, 14 American civil governors and all presidents of the Philippines after independence who have all been residents of the Palace.”

The full text of the marker reads: “Over 100 years old and standing witness to the unfolding of the Philippine’ rich history, this balete tree is recognized under the DENR Heritage Tree Program.

“The balete tree, indigenous to the Philippines and also to other parts of Southeast Asia, Southern China and India, is found in lowland and medium altitude thickets and forests.

“It starts as a small plant on top of a large tree usually through bird droppings. The balete eventually grows around the host tree which it strangles and kills leaving a cavity in the middle.

“Considered a sacred tree by the Filipinos, the balete is believed to be the residence of supernatural beings. The tree contributes immensely to biodiversity conservation as a significant food source and habitat for various small mammals, birds, and other wildlife.”

Original Date Posted: Oct 28, 2012 8:45pm

Mrs. Josephine's house serves as an abode of different malignant elements. There's a child, a tall and dark man, and there's also the lady dressed in white. How do one live the life with these beings under the same roof?
This episode was aired on October 28, 2012.



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