A list of mythological creatures in the Philippines.
“He is as tall as the tree beside which he stands…

His skin is rough, dark, and hairy…

He appears under a new moon and a soft shower.

He smokes a big cigar that doesn’t grow shorter.”

- “The Creatures of Midnight” 
by Maximo D. Ramos and Dani Reyes 

The kapre is a tree demon from the folklore of the Philippines. A hairy, bearded man-like creature, about 7-10 fee (2-3 meters) tall, The kapre likes tobacco and is generally smoking a pipe or a long cigar.

Kapres dwell in large trees, such as the acacia or banyan. They are wild creatures and wear only a loincloth and a magical belt, which makes them invisible to humans. Kapres are fond of tricks and can confuse travelers so that they become lost in the mountains or woods. In addition to the smell of tobacco or smoke coming from the top of a tree, other signs that a kapre is nearby include rustling tree branches when the wind is still, loud laughter or a disembodied voice in the woods or an abundance of fireflies. (Rosen 2009, p. 220)


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