My family is renting two apartments in Mandaluyong City. The apartments are just beside each other. What we did is put a passage at the back so we can go through our second apartment. 

Anyway, I was with my two children and my parents. We had a relative, she's about 50 years old I think, taking care of my younger child who was about two months old.

Each apartment had two bedrooms, the room of my younger sister is at the second apartment. On that day, there's no one in the second apartment since my sister went out for party. It was past midnight when my relative decided to go to the first apartment with my baby. Suddenly, they heard someone saying "wak-wak" several times, which was then imitated by my baby. When they were already inside our first apartment, she asked her daughter, who was living with us, if she was the one who said "wak-wak." Her daughter denied it. She said she had just went down from upstairs. 
The next night, my baby was in the living room playing with my youngest sister. My sister said that my baby is covering her eyes and wasn't moving around. She was just still. Then, my baby was pointing at something at the door. When my sister went to carry her, my baby held on very tight. Then, my sister finally went to let my baby down but my baby's legs are wrapped around my sister. My baby held on for about 10 minutes. 

Several days after, it was siesta time, my relative who was taking care of my baby, decided to close her eyes and rest for a while, letting my baby play inside the room. They were sleeping in the same room. Then, she was surprised that my baby wasn't moving around and making any noise (my baby is always hyperactive). So, she opened her eyes to check on my child. She then saw my baby covering her face with the pillow. She as like that for about 5 minutes, our relative said. It was very weird.

Are aswangs always in solid form? I mean, the ones who can shape-shift into animals, insects or such? Or is it another supernatural being lurking inside our house? We just thought that the thing my baby saw was something so scary that she was covering her eyes for so long.

Story shared by b9qtmg

gerald bragado
8/6/2013 07:26:48 pm

certainly the childs eyes are opened mean his spiritual eyes are open he saw the spiritual realm like ghost and some staff,but you can ask some pastor to baptist the house in the name of the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit.

8/9/2013 02:22:54 pm

Scarry.. :(

12/8/2013 05:43:13 pm



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