How can people forget about the sweet darling of the mass, Julie Vega?

Before we have Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto, there was first Julia Pearl Postigo, popularly known as Julie Vega, an admired actress and singer during her generation up until now. She began her career at an early age of three as a television commercial model. She starred in the film "Mga Mata ni Angelita," a 1978 hit, which was considered to be her first major lead film that earned her respect, admiration and popularity. Julie Vega's career also include "Mga Basang Sisiw," "Durugin Si Totoy Bato," "Mother Dear," and "Daddy's Little Angels."

PictureAnna Liza played by Julie Vega
She even blossomed more when she was chosen to play the lead role in GMA-7's soap opera "Anna Liza." This earned her sympathy of the viewing public and eventually made her the newest "darling" in the industry.

Not long after, Julie's health deteriorated which lead to broncho-pneumonia causing her death. The people deeply grieved on the sudden death of the young actress (who was then 16 years old) whom they love greatly as she touched many lives as an actress and singer.

This tragedy did not escaped controversies of the rumored death, not merely caused by weakened health, but by elements not of this world. People believed that she and her family was influenced by other forces they can't control.

It was rumored that Julie's health degenerated after filming the movie "Lovingly Yours, Helen." It is a Sunday afternoon program aired on GMA-7 from 1980 to 1996, which then turned into an anthology movie on 1984 because of its popularity. 

Julie has been sick since last year but this was a well-guarded secret. "Mga sadista kasi ang ibang press people at konti lang ang nagmamahal sa kanya," her father said in grief. 

The Times Journal
In the first movie episode of "Lovingly Yours, Helen," Julie Vega starred as a girl possessed by an evil entity. The film was done in an old house in Mt. Manalmon, located in the town of San Miguel, province of Bulacan. They say that Julie used to be very lively and active, until the time they were filming the horror film. They believed that the spirits felt they were disturbed and disrespected by the people doing the film. The spirits or Engkanto's might have taken a liking to the pretty star which causes the illness that seemingly struck the actress unexpectedly.

One of the accounts, said that when Julie and the crew were filming the movie, Julie saw a child with beards several  times in the temporary comfort room that the staff built. They even sacrificed a chicken to appease the being and to show respect to the place.

The Albularyo's (folk healer or medicine men) strongly believed that Julie Vega's body just appears to be dead but actually is not. They say that the Engkantos (Enchanted Ones) have taken Julie Vega's soul to go with them but the body is still alive. They said they could have performed a certain ritual so Julie Vega could go back to her earthly body, but it was too late already. And of course, most of the people won't believe such things. 

Still, some say that Julie Vega now resides with the Engkanto, dancing with them around the woods of Mt. Manalmon.

While this is the belief of the townfolk, others believed that the family have faced several unlucky events after Julie purchased their house.
People at the chapel who condoled with the family recalled that the Postigos weren't lucky in the house they had bought with Julie's earnings in 1982. Less that a hundred days after the purchase, second son Jeffrey was stabbed to death inside a car.
                                                                                                                                 - The Times Journal
Mrs. Postigo have just realized what the omen of the manghuhula (clairvoyant) meant:
"When Mrs. Postigo sought a clairvoyant to identify her son's killer, the woman told her: "Misis, may anak ba kayong babae? Ingatan ninyo sya. Ipagdasal nyo sya. Malapit na siyang mawala sa inyo." Mrs. Postigo remembered the warning only when Julie became seriously ill..."
                                                                                                                                      - The Times Journal
True or just a coincidence? After hearing something like this and that something really happened in an approximate estimated time, one would really think deeper if it is in fact that the manghuhula saw what was about to come and the family didn't heed the warning?

One thing is for sure, the family was very grieved with what had happen in their lives, having lost several members of their kin. 
"Dr. Postigo could not contain his grief. "Bakit ganito? Bakit mabigat ang buhay para sa akin?" he asked relatives at their home.."
                                                                                                                                      - The Times Journal
Several reasons emerged regarding the death of the beloved star. Whichever is true, the only accepted truth is that Julie will always be in the hearts of fellow Filipinos who are witness to her role as a public icon. 

Julie's role in the horror film is a tough one and takes a lot of effort and dedication, but it should not be the last impression that the angelic face of the actress would imprint on her audience.

Despite everything that had happened, Julie Vega's beauty and talent will forever be cherished by the Filipinos.


05/12/2013 5:04pm

we missed you julia

04/11/2015 2:55am

Hindi man lang kita na abutan,,,

05/26/2013 2:41am

Let's just pray for her.....

06/04/2013 3:14am

I was just reminding the new generation the original child star of the new telenovela "Annaliza" came from, and this article was very helpful and at the same time intriguing. Thanks!

11/01/2013 3:53am

magandang mukha magandang personality but how the hell did they convince her congrats to you and blythe

11/28/2013 10:42pm

pray o10

06/13/2013 6:41am

Right, God bless Julie Vega.

06/22/2013 7:59pm


06/26/2013 6:16pm

hindi ko man sya kilala peo alam ko na mabuti syang tao her angelic face will stay remain forever :))

07/04/2013 4:52am

rest in peace Julie... very surprise and sad :(

07/10/2013 9:25pm

good bye.. julie vega we will miss u..;(

ellen ramos
07/23/2013 8:39pm

my queries about her untimely death was answered after reading this article, true she really is very charming little lady..good actress as well as singer.. let's pray for her...

07/30/2013 3:41am

kahit hindi ko siya nakita, alam kong mabait sya

09/07/2013 8:50pm

Hnd kmi ngpang abot ng panahon kya hnd ko cya kilala.pero interesado tlga ako sa pgkamatay nya ,mas lalo n sa lugar ng mt.manalmon kung san daw nandun prin ang kaluluwa nya hanggang ngayun,,pero ipag dassl perin ntin ang kanyang katahimikan kung san man sya narroon god bless

Mariano Rivero
09/25/2013 12:40am

Nakakabobo talaga ang textspeak, hanggang dito ba naman, tsk tsk..

09/25/2013 9:31am

hahaha.I agree Mariano R.

01/20/2014 8:20pm

totoo tlga pre hndi man nten sya naabutan . pero naanu ako nung pinalbas sa misteryo yung madlum cave ,mt manalmon, at biak na bato kng saan din kme nag hiking ng mga barkada ko :(

09/09/2013 4:08am

uo nqa nakakamiss anq
baTanq chiLd sTar
anq baTa-baTa pa nia
para mamaTay ..

i miss u JULIE VEGA ..

Mariano Rivero
09/25/2013 12:42am

Mas nakakabobo 'to. Textspeak and jejemon combined. Hayyy..

Waren Piz
10/30/2013 3:27am

nakakaawa ang mga taong mahilig mamuna sa mali ng iba .. eto yong mga taong walang magawa,. miserable,. walang kaibigan,. walang nagmamahal ... napakalungkot ng buhay.. hayyyy... bakit ba may mga taong ganyan? nakakaawa

12/18/2014 3:34pm

Tama naman si Mariano Rivero eh..

we miz u
09/21/2013 4:25am

09/23/2013 5:33am

i love you

05/19/2015 2:01am

i pry you po sa julia

10/16/2013 10:45pm


10/20/2013 3:43am

Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo was a little darling of the Phil Cinema during her generation her
memories had always cherised.I love her and I'M will never forget her.

mariquita fulleros
10/20/2013 8:22am

Dati pgk birthday or death anniv.ni Julie Vega pinplbas movie NY but now dina sana iplabas po uli...may your soul have peace Idol julie

10/22/2013 2:50am

I love Julie vega because my mom love her.......

10/23/2013 10:50pm

Sa totoo lang favorite ko cya, at wala pa ring pumapalit sa kanya sa ganda at galing umarte at kumanta. Nag iisa lng ang angelic face nya.

10/27/2013 10:31am

sa totoo lang ngaun kulang sya nakilala.. pero basi sa dami ng humahanga sa kanya at sa ganda nya, talagang naniniwala akung magaling na actress sya,, we love julie vega

kimberly m.
11/04/2013 2:43am

i love u julie vega khit hndi ko man nsksihan ang kabataan mo alam kong walang mkakapalit syo ..........

11/05/2013 6:35pm

i miss you

11/12/2013 9:58pm

after so many years ngayon ko lang naalala muli si julie vega. sya pala yun.bata pa kasi ako noon.

garylyn jill
12/03/2013 5:55am

grabe nlungkot aq. ur the sweetest beautiful angelic face for me. iloveyou julie.

05/11/2014 10:02am

parehas lang yata tayo after ko mabasa.. si julie lang yung matagal ng wala pero kapag nabasa mo mga tungkol sa kanya, mag iiwan sya ng kalungkutan sa puso mo..

01/05/2014 4:31pm

hind man kita inabaton sa pagiging child star isa lang masasabi ko sapat na sa akin ang mga mga nalaman ko tungkul sa pagkatao mo ang nag iisa julie vega sapuso ng mga tao sana masaya ka kung nasan ka man ngayun;;;;;

01/17/2014 6:05pm

01/21/2014 2:19am

Idol ko cya magaling omarte Kumanta.Maya nanalo cya ng best child actress.talagang magaling cya

03/24/2014 9:51am

very beautiful darling julie pearl.. 4 years old lang ako nung namatay sya at ngayun lang ako naging sobrang interesado sa isang artista.. never too late to become a fan.. julie deserves HD.. syang wala pa nung time mo nung ganun.. i love you julie..

liza basas
04/28/2014 4:17am

Sa to too long now kulang nbsa ang mga comment.nu on p man fan muna ako mula mgkaicp ako.kaya eto ako ngaun ngsasav n mis kta,sana d nlang kw any kinuwa no aka,love u!

05/11/2014 10:06am

ako nga nung february lang naging interesado kay julie vega, after ko mapakinggan kanta nya na pinost ng kaklase ko... simula nun andami kong binasa about her life, pinanuod ko din mga available movies nya.. grabe, ngayun lang ako humanga sa isang artista.. strange nga lang kasi may iniiwang lungkot si julie sa ating mga fans nya.. :(

05/19/2014 4:06am

Even though i didnt know you i wish you have a better place in the spiritual world and your family too

07/22/2014 7:54am

Nice song,70s 80s wowl

07/26/2014 12:02am

intayin nyo na lang yung biography book nya na malapit ng lumabas... paki like yung JULIE VEGA FOREVER sa facebook for updates..thanks!!

07/26/2014 9:27am

i was born feb 1973, maliit pa lang ako nasubaybayan ko na ang pagsikat ni julie. she is exceptional at kahit di ako nagkaroon ng pagkakataong makita sya sa personal alam kong isa syang tunay at mabait na tao..may kagandahang panlabas at panluob..Sayang nga lang at maaga syang kinuha sa atin. For you Julie wherever you may be, mula noon hanggang ngayon idol pa rin kita and may you find true happiness kung nasaan ka man ngayon. We miss you and we will always treasure you forever..love you..!

luzviminda ayaay pionilla
09/24/2014 1:26am

hanggang ngayon nasa puso kita c pagpinagmamasdan ko ang mukha napakasrap mong titigan c ang amo ng mukha mo at ang boses mo ang srap pakinggan hindi nakakasawa i love you julie,,,

09/25/2014 6:57am

Inabutan nyo po ba si julie?

11/03/2014 11:26am

Peace be upon you Julie! God bless you!

12/30/2014 1:27am

Rest in peace julie you and fpj are both in heaven just make film that makes other angel in heaven are happy gud bye and see you on heaven

03/09/2015 5:02pm

idol ko cia we missyou julie vega ang mga ni angelita

01/13/2015 12:55am

nung bata ako lagi kung inaabangan ang mga palabas ni julie,napakaganda nia wala siyang katulad,sana ipalabas mga pelikula nia.

joselito depiedra
02/21/2015 6:03am

1984 ako nung ipinanganak 10mnths ako.nung inabutan ko c Ate jullie lahat ng movie nya maganda kaso nga lng maaga xa kimuha sa tingin ko hnd kagustuhan ng panginoon na kunin xa ang engkanto my gusto na kunin xa basi sa kwento ng mga tao na nakatira sa mt.manalmon nakita nila c jullie kasama ang mga engkantada na naglalakad sa tuktok ng mt.manalmon tanging ibigay na lng natn kay ate jullie dasal para makatawid na xa sa kavilang buhay.

03/12/2015 8:54pm

year 1985 sa unang pagkakataon nakita ko sya sa tapat ng hauz nina herbert bautista may store kasi ng mga dress sa tapat at nandun si julie vega namimili sya ng derss tapos nung lumabas na sya nag kiss kami sa kanya at yakap ang bait bait nya at ang bango kahit galing sya ng school ng hapon na yun,tapos ng mga sumunod na araw ng sunday naguest sya sa programa ni german moreno yung suot nyang dress yun yung sinukat sukat nya nong makita namin sya,hanggang ngayon sariwa pa din sa alaala ko ang tagpong yun.i miss you idol...

06/02/2015 10:33am

talaga po?!! answerte nyo naman po.. anu pp ang itsura ni ate julie sa personal?

number one fan
04/14/2015 4:13pm

naalala ko pa nung bata pa ko napapanood ko sa tv mga teleserye nya kahit patay na sya.ganda nya talaga.sayang.

Uro Hormiga
04/15/2015 5:14am

enkantado talaga yung lugar na yan sa Bulacan kung saan sila nag shooting nung pelikula, same place kung saan namatay yung mga estudyante ng BSU na tumawid sa hangang ankle na tubig ng ilog then pagdating nila sa gitna ay biglang dumaloy ang malakas na tubig..

Cris Quizon Ricafort
05/27/2015 12:53pm

Her sudden death is really interesting. Nakakapanghinayang ang buhay niya. :(

06/02/2015 10:35am

kaya nga po.. inabutan nyo po ba sya? ako po hindi kasi 2001 na ako pinanganak at naikwento na lang po sya sa akin ng lola ko


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