A heart-pounding fright movie about a provincial lass whose life and death is shrouded by inexplicable and ghastly events so affecting the whole community of Sta. Barbara. Igan suffers a gruesome death in the hands of a devil worshipper, Nana Ursula. After young Igna (Juliana Palermo) incurs the wrath of a spiteful witch (Jacklyn Jose), a strong spell leaves the unlucky provincial woman cursed for the rest of her life and her death. Eager to exact revenge from the grave, Igna targets three young visitors. The trio must fight for their lives in this nail-biting supernatural thriller from the Philippines.

The film settings are located among the scenic and rural areas of Vigan showcasing the rich custom of the Filipinos with utmost detail on camera work and production. The amazing cinematic and special effects, plus the superb handling of some scary scenes will definitely offer the viewers a clear sense of the strange and unfamiliar... a true Filipino honor flick to watch out for.

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gerald bragdo
08/07/2013 6:59pm

if you believe aswang is real even tikbalang is true this happen 8-9 yrs ago when we are campaigning for the candidacy of my uncle in nasugbu as councilors he won 3rd place in the municipal,its like this I was following my aunt ayds in some barrios I kind not sure of the name of barrios because my Aunt just run infront of me and never talk a single word but her face is like seeing a ghost but still I walk straight from where she came from and I saw a creature having a head of a horse but a body of human and feet of horse,I even remember the time 12;00 at noon,tikbalang just look at me intensely but I just stare at him too,that time I felt no shocked or scared that time,I am staring at his eyes and He puffed a tobbacco with the length of 20 inches and smoke so white, as I turn pass him again because he is sitting on the side,in a dead tree lying in the ground,then I just go my way out as I reached the Jeep my Aunt emptied the bottle of coke litros and she still shaking about the incident.

Philippine Tales
08/09/2013 7:34pm

Hi Gerald. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I've posted this comment on our Shared Encounters section.


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