The story revolves around the abuwak race (Aswang). Thru the generations their numbers had declined and the only way they can grow in numbers again is through the rare ability that only the soon-to-be queen of the abuwaks, Hasmin (Lovi Poe) possesses. 

Abuwaks look human when they're in their normal state, but they can fly and move underground when they transform into raven type of bird. They can also burrow their way underneath the soil.

They are quick and strong, and they can attack and eat humans whether in complete darkness or broad daylight. Hasmin doesn't like all of these, preferring to congregate with humans and even protecting them when her fellow creatures attack the village. 

Meanwhile a hired killer named Daniel was forced by circumstances from he was very young. Like Hasmin, he doesn't really like killing the innocent, and this reluctance is what leads him to the abuwak lair, suggested to be somewhere in Pampanga.

Along with two other killers, they went to Pampanga to finish-off the two remaining members of the family that they massacred in Quezon City.



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