A bunch of high school chums get themselves deep into the ghost-hunting thing. They met the supernatural, the Ulanaya, a spirit that takes many forms. Malevolent but only after going through years of exposure to the evils perpetrated by humans. This is what the Ulanaya acquires after absorbing all the negative thoughts, acts and deeds of humans it has come across with through the years. In the process, the Ulanaya then musters the ability to take many forms such as the wind, fire, water, earth and others making it the ultimate elemental and its malevolence, most potent. A force to reckon with especially on the gang of amateur ghost hunters, the Spirit Warriors do battle against this behemoth of an elemental, the Ulanaya.

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Set largely in the dark and eerie campus of the Arts Academy, White Lady’s story centers on Pearl (Pauleen Luna), a simple and smart girl from the province who has just arrived in the city to study, and the clique of students led by Mimi (Iwa Moto), a pretty, rich and popular girl who gets by through bullying others. Mimi’s minions include basketball jock Joshua (Jason Abalos), painter and Mimi wannabe Eva (Katarina Perez), film and photography major Jowee (Glaiza de Castro), and troublemaker and band frontman Hector (Ketchup Eusebio).

For reasons she cannot explain nor understand, Pearl is haunted by the ghost of a white lady which has been rumored to have frequented the school grounds. Intrigued and determined to solve the mystery, she then decides to delve deeper into the lore of the white lady especially after learning about the story of Christina (Angelica Panganiban), a simple girl reportedly driven into hiding by Mimi’s pompousness. Pearl immediately feels an affinity towards Christina since both girls have been on the receiving end of Mimi’s mean pranks.



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