If you believe aswang is real, even tikbalang is true. This happened 8 or 9 years ago when we were campaigning for the candidacy of my uncle in Nasugbu as councilors. He won 3rd place in the municipal. It's like this: 

I was following my aunt Ayds in some barrios; I kind of not sure of the name of barrios because my Aunt just run in front of me and never talked a single word. But her face is like seeing a ghost but still I walk straight from where she came from and I saw a creature having a head of a horse but a body of human and feet of horse. I even remember the time. It was 12:00 at noon, the tikbalang just look at me intensely but I just stared back at him too. That time I felt no shock or wasn't scared. I am staring at his eyes and he puffed a tobacco with the length of 20 inches and smoke so white. As I turn pass him again, because he is sitting on the side of a dead tree lying in the ground, I just went my way out as I reached the Jeep. My Aunt emptied the bottle of coke litros, and she still shaking about the incident.

Shared by Gerald on 08/07/2013 6:59 pm

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